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At Home with Gymnastika

We have put together lessons for you to practice at home! 

We cannot wait to see you back, but in the meantime let's keep working on staying fit and keeping up with your skills.

 Parents please monitor for safety =)

Press Hand Stands-  Part 1

Press Hand Stands- Part 1

PRESS HAND STANDS: ✨ Lifting + Shoulder Leans ✨ Getting your press hand stand is a big deal for any gymnast.  It is a full body strength challenge that takes some time to achieve.  We have broken it down!  Follow and practice the steps below to achieve your press hand stand goal.   1. Sitting:  Straddle Leg Lifts:  This is an amazing ab workout in itself!  Start by sitting in a straddle, placing your hands in the middle.  As you lift your legs up and down remember to keep your legs and toes nice and tight/pointed.  Your hands should be flat pushing against the floor. 2. Sitting:  Lift Up and Hold:  from a straddle sit, lift up to a straddle "L" position.  Push against the floor as much as possible, sucking the chest in and making those arms long.  This will lift the bottom and toes higher and create a nice round back (hollow). 3. Standing:  Shoulder Leans:  Standing in a straddle, place hands down and practice leaning your shoulders forward transferring your weight from your feet to your hands.  Keep your head in! 4. Standing:  Shoulder Leans + toe curls:  Repeat the step above but now curl those toes in as your are leaning forward.  This will make you hold the forward lean longer + work on those toes! 5. Standing:  Shoulder Leans + toe lifts : Repeat the step above and start to lift those feet up off the floor.  Remember not to jump or push those toes off from the ground.  This is all about leaning and upper body! **You can do this against the wall!  Keeping your chin in and letting your back "roll up" the wall as you are lifting up in your press will develop a good shape for a great press hand stand ;) Try this method if you're having trouble lifting your feet up.   6.  "Walking" Press Drills- Straddle:  Standing in a straddle, place hands down, lean your shoulders forward transferring your weight from your feet to your hands.  As you are shifting your weight over to your hands, lift up your feet and place them in front of your hands.  This will make you move forward.  Keep your head in! 7.  "Walking" Press Drills- Pike:  Same as above except now your feet will be together.  As you transfer your weight over to your hands, lift up on your toes and place your feet in between your hands.  This will walk your forward.

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Stay healthy.  Stay safe.

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