Xcel Teams Competitive

Since 1993, we have been training champions on the state, regional and national level.

We believe in safety, technique and discipline.  Olympian owned and run, we are the top gymnastics school.





State, Regional and National Awards




Level 9

Region 7 Championships

Elizabeth Fitzgerald - 2019 Regional Champion- 1st place Floor

Level 9

NJ State Championships

Elizabeth Fitzgerald - NJ State Champion- 1st place Vault Champ!

4th FX, 6th UB, 7th AA *regionals qualifier*

Level 8

Region 7 Championships

Victoria Jandura- 2nd BB, 6th FX, 7th AA

Level 8

NJ State Championships

Victoria Jandura- 8th BB *regionals qualifier*

Level 7

NJ State Championships

Kayla Goldman- 8th BB

Level 6

NJ State Championships

Ava Iacona- 3rd VT, 5th UB, 7th AA

Jenna Hazlewood- 10th UB

Level 4

NJ State Championships

Emily Coco- 7th VT

Ella Freeman- 2nd VT, 5th BB, 5th FX, 6th AA

Elizabeth Scuorzo- 4th UB, 4th VT

Sofia Solensky- 10th BB


Level 9

Eastern National Championships

Liza Marcus- 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPION- FLOOR, 8th place Bars, 5th AA

Erin Petrino- 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPION- BARS, 9th AA

Level 9

Region 7 Championships

Liza Marcus

2018 Regional Champion- 1st place Floor- 

2nd UB, 7th VT,  5th- All Around *nationals qualifier*

Erin Petrino- 

2nd place- Bars, 6th place- BB, 5th place- All Around  *nationals qualifier*

Level 9


NJ State Championship

Erin Petrino- NJ State Champion- 1st place Bar Champ!- 3rd place FX, 3rd place AA  *regionals qualifier*

Liza Marcus- 6th VT, 7th UB *regionals qualifier*

Maeve Harrigan- 7th UB  *regionals qualifier*

Elizabeth Fitzgerald- 10th VT

Level 8

NJ State Championship

Sophia Bochis- 6th BB  *regionals qualifier*

Level 7

NJ State Championship

Kayla Godlman- 7th BB

Anna Sihvonen- 2nd VT, 7th UB, 6th BB, 5th FX, 3rd AA

Victoria Jandura- 3rd UB, 9th AA

Level 6

NJ State Championship

Katie Saavedra-Boscia- NJ State Champion- Vault, 8th UB, 5th AA

Jillian Parker- 8th VT

Level 5

NJ State Championship

Ava Iacona- NJ State Champion- Beam, 6th FX, 9th AA

Jenna Hazlewood- NJ State Champion- state record holder- bars, 3rdBB, 6th FX, 3rd AA

Level 3

NJ State Championship

Emily Coco- 6th place VT
Ella Freeman- 9VT, 7UB, 10BB, 6FX, 8AA
Gray Hevey- 5th FX
Evangelina Javate- 6th BB
Vanessa Kuczek-  4th UB



Level 9

Erin Petrino- Regionals- 3rd place Bar Champ!

Level 8

Maeve Harrigan- Regionals- 3rd place Bar Champ!, 5th place Beam Champ!

Level 7

Ashley Thompson- 1st place- NJ State Champion- All Around, Vault.

 2nd place Floor

Level 6- 5th place NJ State Team Champions

Anna Sihvonen- 1st place- NJ State Champion- All Around, Vault, Floor.

2nd place Beam, 2nd place Bar champion

Victoria Jandura-   1st place- NJ State Champion- Floor,   3rd AA

Level 4

Jenna Hazlewood- 1st place-NJ State Champion- state record holder- bars 9.75


Level 9

Tiffany Bautista- Regional Champion- floor

Level 7- 4th place State Team Champions

Maeve Harrigan- NJ State Champion- beam

Level 6

Ashley Thompson- NJ State Champion- state record holder- vault 9.75

Jadyn Beckett- NJ State Champion- vault

Level 5- 4th place NJ State Team Champions

Kayla Goldman- NJ State Champion- beam

Level 4

Kayla Marnick- NJ State Champion- vault

Tiana Haas- NJ State Champion- beam

Victoria Jandura- NJ State Champion - beam


Level 9

Marissa Cobuzio-  Regionals- 3rd AA

Level 7

Liza Marcus- NJ State Champion- bars

Level 5- 4th place NJ State team Champions

Jadyn Beckett- NJ State Champion- state record holder- vault 9.725, beam 9.65

Ashley Thompson- NJ State Champion- vault

Level 4 - 3rd place NJ State Team Champions

Paige Trapp- NJ State All Around Champion & 1st Bars

Kayla Goldman- NJ State All Around Champion - Bars

Lila Jung- NJ State Champion- vault

Anna Sihvonen- NJ State Champion- Vault


Level 7

Erin Petrino- NJ State Champion- bars



Level 8:  

Angela Son - NJ State Champion- 1st AA

Marissa Cabuzio-4th Vault, 4th Bars-3rd AA

Level 7:  Jacqui Brandt- 2nd Bars



Level 10- Alexis Arena-4th AA

Kristie Wei-9th AA

Level 7- Angela Son- NJ State Champion- 1st AA

Remi Dente-3rd Vault, 4th Bars,3rd Floor, 3rd AA


Level 10
Emma-Rose Trentacosti- 1st Place Floor- 3rd Place Beam- 2nd Place AA
Level 10
Alexis Arena- NJ State Champion-1st Place Beam
Emma-Rose Trentacosti-NJ State Champion- 1st Place Vault-1st Place Beam-1st Place Floor


Level 7 NJ State Team Champions


Level 6 NJ State Team Champions
Level 9:  Regional Champion- Alexis Arena


Level 9 
Alex Uscatu - 2nd Floor, 3rd Vault
Lauren Rosas - 10th Floor
Jahni Stasil - 2nd Beam, 6th floor
Level 9
REGIONAL Champions-Alex Uscatu-Rose Stoffers-Lauren Rosas-Jahni Stasil
Level 8
Danielle Grant- 1st Place NJ State Champ

Level 6 NJ State Team Champions


Level 9
Alex Uscatu - 2nd Beam, 3rd Vault
Jahni Stasil - 10th Floor
Lauren Rosas - 2nd Vault-6th Floor 
Level 9 NJ State Team Champions


Level 8
REGIONAL 1st place Champions- Samantha Colangelo-Jackie Friscia-Alex Uscatu-Jahni Stasil
Level 8  NJ State Team Champions

Level 7 NJ State Champion- state record holder- Rose Stoffers- beam 9.75, floor 9.8


Level 8 NJ State Team Champions 
Regional 1st place Vault Champion
Regional All-Around Champion

Level 6 NJ State Team Champions


Level 7 NJ State Team Champions- state record holder- Jacqueline Friscia- vault 9.925

Level 5 NJ State Team Champions


Boys JO Nationals
Vault Silver Medalist- David Lee

Gymnastika Alumni



Erin Petrino- Princeton University- NJ



Tiffany Bautista- Columbia University- NYC


Jacqui Brandt- University of St. Andrews (Scotland)


Marissa Cobuzio- Rollins University- Florida

Lexi Katz- Emory University-Georgia


Sienna Marese- William Paterson University


Alison Fishbach- Ithaca University

Antoinette Halkias- Monclair State University

Alexis Arena- Temple University

competed for TU Gymnastics on a scholarship.

Dominique Brown- Ithaca University

Katrina Shababb- Sacred Heart University

Kristie Wei- San Jose State University

                               (competed for SJSU Gymnastics).



Emma-Rose Trentacosti- Rutgers University

Competed for RU on a full scholarship.

Jahni Stasil- Kean University



Alex Uscatu- Temple University

Competed for TU Gymnastics on a scholarship.

Jackie Friscia- Pennsylvania State University

Rose Stoffers- West Virginia State University

Samantha Colangelo- Montclair State University



Lauren Rosas- Montclair State University


Olga Sout- Rutgers University


JC Olson- MIT


David Lee- West Point Academy


Seth Seligman- Syracuse University