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Gymnastika Classes








Our schedule for 2024-2025 season is posted below! 
1. Please complete the registration form below.
2. Email the form over to :
3. We will give you a call for the $100 deposit for the fall.

2023-2024 Class Sessions

Each session is 8 weeks long

Session Dates:

1. September 5- October 28

2. October 30 - December 23

3. January 2- February 24

4. February 26 - April 20

5. April 22- June 15 

Holidays: The gym will be closed on these dates.

Monday, Labor Day. 9/4

Thanksgiving Day-11/23, Christmas Day-12/25



Monday, Memorial Day-5/27

Registration is year round!  

Missed the start of the session?  No worries!  

Call us to see what classes are available and let's get started!  Tuitions can be pro-rated for new students.  

Pre-School Classes

Parent & Me (2&3yr.)  45 min.  $190/session

The Parent and Me class is for children ages 2 & 3 years old.  Parents participate with their child as the class instructor guides and teaches the class.  Children learn basics in coordination and physical development on various gymnastics equipment.

Toddler (3&4yr.)  45 min.  $190/session

This class is for kids (3&4 years old) to work with an instructor and independent of parental support. The young gymnasts will learn simple skills on a broad range of equipment.

Pee-Wee (4&5yr.)  50min.  $200/session

The Pee-Wee program (4&5 year olds) is designed to improve a young gymnast's coordination through basic skills on all competitive events, as well as the mini-tramp and large trampoline. It will also focus on improving strength and confidence.

General Classes  $200/session
Mini      (6 & 7yr.)  50min.  
Middle (8 & 9yr.)  50min.  
Older    (10+yr.)    50min.

Girls are placed in classes according to their ages.  These classes are perfect for beginners looking to start, or those that have had gymnastics experience but are looking to perfect their basic floor skills like handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, etc. as well as basic skills on bars, vault and balance beam to become a well rounded gymnast! 

Class Pods  $200/session
Ages Vary.  50min.  
This option is for those looking to be in a private class with friends & family.  Perfect opportunity to take advantage of our huge facility, stay safe and work on becoming a great gymnast.  Email for inquiries!
Boys Classes  $200/session
(7-10 yr.)  50min.

Boys Classes. These classes are designed for the beginner through developmental gymnast and are taught in a very non-competitive yet challenging environment.

Tumbling Class  $220/session
(7-17 yr. Boys & Girls)  60 min.

This class only focuses on floor based skills (no bars/vault/beam work).  This class can be divided to accommodate multiple levels from beginner to expert.  

Advanced Classes  $240/session.                      *By invitation only
Small Girls Advanced (6 -8 yr.)  80 min.
Middle /Older Girls Advanced (9+yr.)  80 min.

Students who have acquired the basics of our beginner classes can be advanced to this group to concentrate on more challenging skills on all events.

Skills Team (non-competitive)                                  *By invitation only

The skills team is a non-competitive team that meets twice/week.  Athletes concentrate on perfecting and polishing their skills on all events without the pressures of competing.  

Pre-Team                                          *By invitation only  

The pre-team is a highly selective group of athletes that are preparing to join our USAG Gymnastika Team.  

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